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Obama vs. Romney

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  • October 2012
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Barack Obama VS. Mitt Romney
It’s that time of year were two of the best candidates go head to head campaigning for that seat at the big desk. The 2012 presidential elections are here and ready to go. After Barak Obama won against John McCain the US had its first African American President. Since the past four years Obama has improved the job employment, health care and giving students the chance to go to college;. Barak Obama and Mitt Romney are our two potential presidents. They both have really good and interesting ideas on two main topics. The two main topics are there positions on Health Care, and Immigration. Health Care varies across countries, largely influenced by social and economic conditions as well as the health policies in place. Countries have different policies and plans in relation to the personal and population-based health care goals. Health care systems are established to meet the health needs of target populations. Their exact configuration varies from country to country. In some countries health care planning is distributed among market participants, where as others planning is made more among governments or other coordinating bodies. In all cases, according to the World Health Organization, a well-functioning health care system requires a robust financing mechanism. In 2008, the health care industry consumed an average of 9.0 percent of the gross domestic product across the most developed OECD countries. The United States (16.0%), France (11.2%), and Switzerland (10.7%) were the top three spenders. Health care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general health and well-being of people around the world. Barak Obama signed a 2010 healthcare overhaul bill which calls for patient protections like allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions, not letting insurers cancel policies when patients get sick, and requiring individuals to buy health insurance or pay a fine. This is the reason why Obama has many...

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