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  • Published: January 17, 2013
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Matt DiGiorgio
Mr. Modlin
English 101
December 6, 2008
What does Obama think?
As everybody knows, on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists. The terrorists hijacked 2 American Airliners and ran them into the world trade center buildings. Over 2,500 people died in these attacks. Not long after, President George W. Bush sent The United States into the war on terrorism. We have been at war for about 6 years and over 1,000 American soldiers have died over the war. President Bush’s term for being the President of the United States is almost over. In November, there will be another presidential election and another president will be selected. The senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, is one of the candidates running for the presidential election. Obama is a Democrat and is running with Joe Biden, the Senator from Delaware. Obama and Biden have a lot of the same views and make great running mates. The candidate running for the Republican Party is the Senator from Arizona, John McCain. His running mate is Sarah Palin, the Senator from Alaska. Both of these candidates have different views about the war in Iraq, but I feel like Senator Barack Obama has a stronger plan. As a voter, I am voting for Obama in the 2008 presidential election and I think you should also. I like a lot of his views, but I like his war on Iraq view and plan the best. A lot of people in the United States do not like the war in Iraq. At first, people were for the war because of 9/11. Now, people think it is a waste to have American soldiers getting killed each day, or have the risk of being killed. In a recent poll, 73 percent of Americans do not like the war in Iraq since we have been in there in 2002. The truth is, we can’t just pull all of the troops out at once, and Senator Obama agrees with this. Obama wants to pull troops out the quickest he can, but only do it 1 to 2 squads a month. Obama says that this is the safest way to pull troops out without pulling everybody out at once. He plans to have all troops out by the end of his first term in 2013 but cannot make any promises because he cannot predict the future. I think this is a very reasonable solution. It lets us pull troops out of Iraq but at the same time does it in the safest way possible. Some people say that it was unnecessary to go into Iraq in the first place because there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Obama wants to pull troops out of Iraq is because he will only put troops into harm’s way if necessary. Obama said that he will not hesitate to defend the United States but will not risk the lives of American troops without a purpose. He also said that he will end this war in Iraq and finish the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. He is going to give them the equipment they need for battle and when all American troops come home from performing their duty, he is going to give them the care and benefits they deserve. John McCain has no intention of withdrawing troops from Iraq. He plans to win the war in Iraq by 2013, and then send the troops to Afghanistan to finish off Al-Qaeda. Not only does he want to send more troops to Iraq to finish the war, he also wants to send more troops to Afghanistan after the war in Iraq. He said he wants to send at least another 100,000 troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. People say that we don’t have enough money to spend on education of health, and there is a reason for that. We spend $10 billion dollars every month for the war in Iraq, and people wonder why we can’t pay for important stuff like health care or to fight poverty. Obama wants to pull troops out of Iraq so that we can spend that $10 billion on something more important in the United States. I agree with Obama here also, if we can spend $10 billion dollars a month in Iraq, then why we can’t spend that $10 billion dollars in the United States for something that this country needs? I definitely think that we need more for American education and our health...
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