Obama's Libya Speech

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Muammar al-Gaddafi Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: November 10, 2011
During the spring of 2011, protests in Libya broke out among its people because they were rallying against their leader, Muammar Qaddafi. President Obama was getting flack about his decision to place US military in Libya as a threat against their leader. He was bombing his own people. President Obama thought it was his place, as Commander-in-Chief and President, to address the American people as to why he made his decision despite many Americans protest. He uses many different types of persuasion. He hits all the main ones; ethos (appealing to those of authority), logos (appealing to human logic) and pathos (appealing to emotion.)

Ethos is throughout his speech; while presenting in front of American flags is a huge booster too. To address those of authority is a big in giving a persuasive speech because it gives you ‘street cred’ but with President Obama running the country and the military should be enough ‘street cred’. He harkens to the fact that he is the President and that makes the calls the American people. He kept his promise in not putting and ground troops in Libya which should be a ‘plus one’.

Logos is stronger in places than other. At the very beginning he said: “For generations, the United States of America has played a unique role as an anchor of global security and as an advocate for human freedom.  Mindful of the risks and costs of military action, we are naturally reluctant to use force to solve the world’s many challenges.  But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act.  That’s what happened in Libya over the course of these last six weeks.” “(President Obama’s Speech on Libya." The White House. 28 Mar. 2011. Web. 27 Oct. 2011. <http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/03/28/president-obama-s-speech-libya>.) It is logical for the most powerful nation in the world to rush and rescue those who cannot defend themselves. The United States should never stand down when we see another...
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