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  • Published : July 8, 2006
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Organizational Behavior Trends
Ethics, defined as the study of right and wrong, is an important domain that must be studied by future leaders/managers of organizations practicing their profession in the business industry. The study of ethics is important for managers, since professional responsibility should be given to managers. As a professional, the manager is engaged in activities that are always coupled with public interest. And because of this public interest, the manager should ensure that the organization's clients, stakeholders, and market's welfare are given attention and consideration when formulating business-related decision. Business-related decisions should always take into account proper managerial conduct, which entails having the proper "moral imagination and the courage to do the right thing" (Kreitner, 1995:99). The impact of technology on work-related stress is important to understand as another important OB trend in order to maximize work performance and efficiency within the organization and also to increase morale across the company.

The Influence of Ethics on Decision Making
There are several ground rules that should be considered in the decision-making process, when ethics are concerned. Ethics operate according to a certain set of moral criteria acceptable to society at a given time or in a given place. Ethics or morals dictate how we as human beings should conduct our lives. They determine the standards of right or wrong actions in terms of the truly human life. A further aspect of ethics is admitting where society's ethics fall short in terms of concerns that are minimized or ignored. In ethical decision- making it is then necessary to identify and recognize a moral issue. Such a decision is dictated by some recognized wrong in terms of personal, interpersonal or social criteria. Damage to people, animals or the environment has to be curbed by an ethical decision. Legal or institutional concerns should play a...
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