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Chapter 2 Foundations of Individual Behavior



1. Which of the following statements is true about the term “ability”, as it is used in the field of organizational behavior? a.It refers to an individual’s willingness to perform various tasks. b.It is a current assessment of what an individual can do. c.It refers exclusively to intellectual skills.

d.It refers exclusively to physical skills.
e.It is a prediction of future aptitude based on current attitudes. (b; Moderate; Ability; p. 45)

2. Which one of the following words is the best synonym for “ability”, as the term is used in organizational behavior? a.motivation
(b; Challenging; Ability; p. 45) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

3. Which of the following is not a dimension of intellectual ability? a.number aptitude
b.perceptual speed
c.spatial visualization
d.dynamic flexibility
e.social aptitude
(d; Moderate; Intellectual Ability; p. 45) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

4. What is a factor of intelligence that suggests that it makes sense to talk about overall intelligence? a.general mental ability
b. intelligent quotient
d. cultural intelligence
e.perceptual speed
(a; Moderate; General Mental Ability; p. 46)

5.Which of the following is not one of the nine basic abilities involved in the performance of physical tasks? a.stamina
b.dynamic flexibility
d.body coordination
e.trunk strength
(c; Moderate; Nine Basic Physical Abilities; p. 47) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

Biographical Characteristics

6.Which of the following is not a biographical characteristic? a.political affiliation
(a; Easy; Biographical Characteristics; p. 48) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

7. What will be the largest demographic change in the U.S. workforce in the next decade? a.increasing ethnic diversity
b.a fall in married workers
c.increasing age of workers
d.decreasing tenure of workers
e.more women in the workforce than men
(c; Moderate; Age; p. 48) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

8.Research shows that which of the following is likely to decrease as a worker grows older? a.productivity
b.likelihood of quitting
d.vacation days taken
e.work ethic
(b; Moderate; Age; p. 49) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

9.Which of the following statements is true?
a. Older employees have lower rates of avoidable absence than younger workers. b. Older employees have lower rates of unavoidable absence than younger workers. c. Older employees are more likely to quit their job than younger workers. d. Older employees are perceived to be more flexible than younger workers. e. Older employees generally have lower productivity than younger workers. (a; Moderate, Age; p. 49) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

10.Which of the following is true concerning the relationship between age and job satisfaction? a. Most studies have found a negative association between age and satisfaction. b. Some studies have found a U-shaped relationship between age and satisfaction. c. Satisfaction decreases among professionals as they age. d. Satisfaction increases among nonprofessionals during middle age. e. Satisfaction decreases among nonprofessionals after middle age. (b; Moderate; Age; p. 49) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

11.Research does not support which of the following statements about gender in the workplace? a.Women are more willing to conform to authority than men. b.Men are more aggressive than women.

c.Women are more productive at...
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