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Topics: Motivation, Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 7 (2398 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Organizational Behaviour|
Mrs. Homayara Latifa Ahmed
Assistant Professor IBA, University of Dhaka|

S.M. Samiuzzaman Roll ZR-77
Md.Mohiuzzaman Roll- ZR-98
Lamisa Faika Shahriar Roll RH-110
Zishan Mahmud ZR-116
Muhammad Touhidul Islam ZR- 126


CTG Memoirs …….
A shadow of concern still casts over Mr. Moniruzzaman's face, when he reflects upon the time when Nestle BD's Chittagong unit saw a decline from 100% to 69% in the sales of Nestle Nutrition (nutritious food for children). The current head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs of Nestle BD was the field operation manager back in 1997 when the CTG unit faced this crisis situation and he was assigned the task of resurrecting the sales figure to its old ratio at least within the next 6 months. During this period, he was completely in charge of the CTG unit. Upon his arrival in CTG, he was welcomed by a group of very unsatisfied, unmotivated and unhappy medical delegates. It was quite transparent that these workers were raging a war against job dissatisfaction. Under their job description they were expected to visit 50 local clinics each month to convince local doctors to help them sell their nutritional products to their patients. Clearly these people did not put their hearts into their works. They were seemingly just putting enough effort to see them through their current goal of 50 clinics. This was a cause for deep concern. Before working out how to boost sales, he decided to dig into the core of the problem. Why did sales drop by 31% in the first place? It was merely the last nail in the coffin. The work environment was very prominently depressing. When he met his team there, he found himself talking to a group of very discontented medical delegates. So, what was the problem actually? It was not long before he managed to isolate the main problem circulating the CTG office- a lack of motivation among the workers. Evidently Mr. Moniruzzaman found the CTG unit to be understaffed after he took charge. At that time, 5 people were working in that unit. The incumbent employees were basically working more man hours but compared to that, the outcomes were not too appealing. He felt the need to add at least another 1 or 2 people to that unit. Upon his request, another medical delegate was sent from the Dhaka office for the CTG unit. The next 6 months revealed a rather erratic journey for Mr. Moniruzzaman. He was not the general who ordered his army to fight by themselves in the battleground. He went along with his team when they set out in the field. He accompanied his medical detailing officers to the doctors' chambers when they went there to convince the doctors to prescribe Nestle Nutrition products to their patients. Even though he was their "boss", he stayed out with them at the doctors' chambers up to 12 in the morning at times! This gave him the opportunity to interact with his employees on a more personal level and it also helped him to figure out the reasons behind their job dissatisfaction. A major disincentive for the team was the title of their designations- Medical Delegate. This title did not have a respectable ring to it. It was perceived as a clerical job in the society even though it was an officer level job. Mr. Moniruzzaman addressed this problem by changing the job title to "Medical Detailing Officer". This boosted the team members' morale tremendously. Soon he realized that the employee’s were unaware of their...
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