Ob Practices at Chaudhary Group in Nepal

Topics: Quality management, Human resource management, Politics of Nepal Pages: 45 (13246 words) Published: April 14, 2008
To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that the following students of ACE Institute of Management, pursuing MBAe, visited our organization Chaudhary House at Sanepa on 9th March 2008 for the preparation of the report about the Organizational Behavior pattern and practices prevailing in this organization. 1.Chandan Khetan

2.Krishna Kumar Shah
3.Shristi Shakya
4.Sushant Shrestha

We wish them all the best for the report preparation and other future ventures.

Rooplata Sethia
Executive, HRD
Chaudhary House, Sanepa


This paper documents Organization Behavior Best Practices specific to Chaudhary Group. The paper is the culmination of research efforts [between March ….. to March 14, 2008] performed by MBAe 2nd Semester students of Ace Institute of Management as part of their academic pursuits in Organization Behavior. The research team gathered information through an extensive interview process that involved Management professionals from Chaudhary Group within the Human Resource Department (including administration, and finance). These management professionals were in various levels of management (project managers, directors, and senior executives) and were also part of projects that spanned the entire country. The purpose of this paper is to communicate Organization Behavior practices in use today, the advantages and consequences of such practices, and the skills sets that must be explored in an effort to contribute to the progressive evolution of Organization behavior. Keywords: Management, Best Practices, Cross-functional Teams, Cognitive Dissonance, Diversity Management

Table of Content
Executive Summary6
1.1Introduction of Chaudhary Group9
1.1.3.Management Philosophy10
1.1.4.Core Values10
1.2.Business Area11
1.2.2.Consumer Durables12
1.2.5.Financial Services14
1.2.7.Citizen Chaudhary16
1.3.Future Plans and Programs17
1.4.Organization Structure18
1.5.Departments and functions19
1.5.1.Corporate Division19
1.5.2.Operation Division20
1.6.Objective of the study21
1.7.Limitations of study21
1.8.Sources of data and collection method22
2.1.Chaudhary Group – present status:23
2.2.Organizational Practices in CG:23
2.2.1.Workforce Diversity:23
2.2.2.Work Environment24
2.2.3.Organization Culture:25
2.2.4.Recruitment and Selection26
2.2.5.Competence, Awareness and Training:27
2.2.6.Training and Development:28
2.2.8.Research and Development:30
2.2.9.CG Social Responsibility:30
2.2.10.Global Compact31
2.2.11.Change Management:31
2.3.Team Practices in CG32
2.3.1.Team formation:32
2.4.Individual Practices in CG36
2.4.1.Motivating Each Individual:36
3.Recommendations and Conclusion37
3.1.Best Organization Behavior Practices that CG can use37 3.2.Organizational Practices37
3.2.1.Workforce Diversity37
3.2.2.Work Environment38
3.2.3.Organizational Culture38
3.2.4.Knowledge Management39
3.2.5.Continuous Improvement39
3.2.6.Corporate Policies and Governance41
3.3.Team Practices43
3.3.2.Team Members43
3.3.3.Team Processes: Front-end Planning43
3.3.4.Team Life43
3.3.5.Good Communication44
3.3.6.Risk Registration and Documentation44
3.4.Individual Practices44
3.4.1.Personal Processes45
3.4.2.Cognitive Dissonance45
5.1.Attachment 148
5.2.Attachment 248
5.3.Attachment 348
5.4.Attachment 448

Executive Summary
This document identifies the results of a team research project...
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