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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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1. How would you describe Stephen Schwarzman’s personality?
Stephen Schwarzman is very detailed and careful person . Much of his decision making is guided by his coaches advice that, “you’ve got to make your deposits before you can make a withdrawal.” As a consequence is his extremely conscientious and risk averse.

According to Personality Dimension, a person who is conscientiousness is dependable, responsible, achievement oriented and persistent. Mistakes, no matter how small, are unacceptable to him and he does not lightly tolerate them at Blackstone.

According to Stephen Schwarzman, making an effort and meeting the deadline simply weren’t enough. To put it in Coach Armstrong’s terms, it wasn’t sufficient to make some deposits; he had to be certain that the deposits would cover any withdrawal 100% before made decision or did a deal. He mentioned that inaccurate analysis produces faulty insights and bad decisions; which lead to losing a tremendous amount of money. He also will insist on more information in order to avoid mistakes if he has uncertain to made decision.

2.Relative to the concepts you have just read about, what traits and characteristics would describe the “ideal” Blackstone job candidate? Explain your rationale for selecting each characteristic. A proactive personality and an internal locus of control would be prerequisites. Proactive personality is an action oriented person who shows initiative and perseveres to change things. Proactive people identify opportunities and act on them, show initiative, take action, and persevere until meaningful change occurs. While internal locus of control is the belief that one controls the events and consequences affecting one’s life.

Other factors such as intelligence, including elements of emotional intelligence are also important given the fast paced environment. Intelligence is one of the characteristic that would describe the ideal Blackstone job candidate in order for...
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