Oakley Sunglasses and Apparel

Topics: Sunglasses, Oakley, Inc., Sunglass Hut International Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Oakley Sunglasses and Apparel
Business Today MG 103
Paul Slack

Paul Slack
Business Today MG 103
Daniel Mainda
March 31, 2012
In this paper I will be looking at the Oakley Corporation, its target market and marketing strategy as well as the social responsibility of the company. I will also compare and contrast the competition of the Oakley Sunglass and Apparel Company and present a product analysis. History of Oakley Sunglasses and Apparel

Oakley is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sunglasses as well as several other types of sports apparel. Oakley was founded in 1975 by a man named Jim Jannard. He started Oakley with $300.00 and the simple idea of making products that work and perform better than anything else out there. In a lab built in his garage, Jim developed a new kind of handgrip for motorcycles with a unique tread pattern and shape that fit the riders closed hand. Jim told skeptics, “Everything in the world can and will be made better. The only question is, when and by whom?” (Oakley History par. 2) But it was his next invention that took his struggling company to the next level. Jim created the O Frame® goggle with the lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder. MX pros like Mark Barnett, Marty Smith, Johnny O’Mara and Jeff Ward championed its clarity and wide peripheral view. The O Frame goggle became a mainstay in MX racing for seventeen years. At this point, Jim went back to the lab and started reinventing sunglasses for sports. Most people thought it could not be done successfully and that the industry’s top companies could not be challenged. Jim used innovations from his previous inventions to develop Eyeshades®, a design which revolutionized the industry and changed eyewear from a generic accessory to vital equipment. Innovation brought new product technologies, and the company blended art and science that have been awarded six hundred patents worldwide. The Oakley brand has become the mark of...
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