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According to a survey conducted in November 2005, eSchool News has found that educators nationwide have been struggling to balance administrative responsibilities and the need for them to spend more time in the classroom, in order to help students achieve higher standards. One of the answers to the No Child Left Behind era dilemma are the sophisticated software packages, designed to automate critical front and back office functions. These tools will enable educators to concentrate on their core-responsibilities: helping every single child reach her full potential, thanks to a more efficient learning environment. The applications range from student data-tracking, payroll, library management, bus routing, food-service management, to special education planning, tracking, and reporting.


Part of the Pearson Education family, Pearson School Systems (PSS) organization focuses on enterprise solutions for K-12 school districts, with a dedicated focus on the increasingly important student performance management segment. Pearson School Systems (PSS) is dedicated to helping educators improve student performance by combining the power of student information, assessment, reporting and business solutions. Its innovative, digital solutions include widely acclaimed SASI; Pearson Centerpoint, a new multi-platform web-based, comprehensive student information and performance system, CIMS Finance comprehensive finance, human resources, and student information system, Pearson Inform, an achievement data analysis and decision support tool that can be utilized by everyone in your school district who wants insight on classroom, school, and district-wide performance, and Pearson Benchmark for district benchmark testing. Pearson School Systems' products are used by more than 16,000 schools nationwide. In 2006, Pearson School Systems has acquired both the PowerSchool application from Apple® and Chancery Software Ltd.[1] PSS boasts the following applications and tools:

i) Student Information Series - Centerpoint – multi-platform, web-based student information and performance management system. The system comprises of the following applications:


a) Classroom – photo seating chart-based classroom management system that automates administrative tasks. b) Grades –
c) Parents Access - Web-based home-to-school collaboration solution allows you to examine up-to-date information on your child’s grades, attendance, homework assignments, and more − all through a secure, easy-to-use online link to school records. Parent Access also makes it easy for parents and teachers to communicate via e-mail messages. You may even choose to receive automatic e-mail alerts if your child is tardy or missing an assignment.

2) CIMS Students – is a centralized, comprehensive student management system, CIMS Student offers districts an accurate, flexible and secure platform to manage their student data.

• Student Management System (SMS) Nodule • Student Grading System (SGS) Nodule • Student Scheduling System (SCH) Nodule • Student Attendance System (SAS) Nodule

ii) Assessment Series
Pearson Benchmark - comprehensive, customizable, web-based district benchmark testing system and reporting tool that enables you to measure, manage, and maximize student achievement through optimal testing, reporting and analytics. It allows you to take multiple measures of student performance against standards at any time throughout the school year.

iii) Reporting Series
Pearson Inform provides class comparisons and school-wide performance with drill-down to students, concepts and standards for school improvement plans and actionable...
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