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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Safety, Personal protective equipment Pages: 13 (3197 words) Published: May 12, 2013
UNIT CU1516.1
Care workers are involved in many daily tasks which involve service users. My responsibilities involve ensuring all tasks are carried out with regard to : * Company Policy, Procedure and guidelines

* Health and Safety
* Hygiene
My work role.
* Waking service users at appropriate times
* Supervision of their morning routine such as washing, showering, using the toilet, brushing teeth and any other personal care activities such as shaving, hair care etc. * Supervision of dressing service users, offering choice and ensuring appropriate clothing is worn for that particular day, taking into account likely weather and activities planned. * Preparation of food so that service users have choice of food and drink whilst adhering to their dietary needs. * Laundry duties, including washing and ironing of clothes. * Transportation of service users to appropriate destinations including craft activities, college, days out etc. * Help, support and encourage service users to achieve the outcomes in their own support plans. * Respect and communicate

* Safety and comfort
The priority in carrying out these roles are always to ensure that service users receive the due care and attention required, and not allowing my personal beliefs or attitude to interrupt in the care given, as I hold a non-judgemental attitude in my approach to work. Standards that influence the way my work role is carried out include following organisational policies. * Code of conduct

* Professional boundaries
* Confidentiality
* Regulation
* Minimum standards
* National occupational standards

UNIT CU1516.2
Reflecting on my own work activities is an important way to develop knowledge, skills and practice as you need to be able to identify and understand any possible discrepancies between your own work practice and organisational and legal practice. This will update myself on information that I am not aware of, so that I can complete my position to the best of my abilities, following all legal and professional boundaries. I am continuously assessing how well my own knowledge, skills and understanding meet professional standards by reflecting on my own work activities using the above skills and sources of support. I have reflected on my own work activities in the past by reporting to my manager any issues that arise within the service users’ home. I am improving my skills and knowledge by reading information on my diploma. I have reflected on what I have written in this essay and have therefore remembered information. Feedback from others has developed my skills and knowledge. I am now aware of action I need to take in the subject I discussed. UNITS CU1516.3. CU1516.4

To record my progress in relation to personal development I have kept all of my certificates for the courses and training I have attended. These include:
Care and Control of Medicines.
Learning points:
* the five rights of administering medicine and using safe procedures for handling medicine. * Using and maintaining medication records.
* Recognising potential problems of medicines in use and how to avoid/overcome them. Emergency first aid course.
Learning points:
* Correct way to resuscitate,
* The recovery position.
* Know what to do in situations of choking, epileptic seizure, diabetic emergency and suffering a stroke. Food safety in catering .
Learning points:
* Basic food hygiene principles
* Food hygiene law
* Food safety
* Handling procedures/policy,
* Storage,
* Cooking temperatures
* Cross contamination
Manual handling skills in the care home.
Learning points:
* Correct moving and handling procedures.
* Appropriate use of equipment,
* Risk assessments
* The anatomy of the spine.
Understanding Challenging Behaviour .
Learning points:
* How challenging behaviour puts the safety of the person or other people in jeopardy and has a...
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