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QCF 641

1) Fall restraint system should be used when working at height 2) PPE must be worn at all times and as instructed.
3) RPE should be worn when cutting stone
4) LEV should be used when working in a closed environment.

All health and safety equipment should be used in the correct environment. You should wear the correct PPE for the job i.e LEV when working in a closed environment. Read all hazard boards.

Information – first aid etc
Prohibition – Prohibited from doing
Mandatory – PPE
Warning – Plant etc

To ensure you are safe and that the work environment is a safe place to work in and to inform contractors and operatives of any changes on site and also prevents accidents.

Follow all rules in the site induction. Risk assessments and method statements should be read and understood and implemented when required. All site rules should be adhered to and you should sign off documents once you have read and understood them.

Main hazards on site are slips, trips and falls. There is also a risk of falling from height or being injured by objects falling on you from height. Moving plant also poses a risk. Areas that are sign posted saying asbestos should be avoided but if you need to enter then the correct PPE required for working with asbestos should be worn. All materials on site should be stored away safely and correctly.

Fall from ladder
Fall from fragile roof
Lifting operations
Struck by plant
Overturning plant
Fall from scaffolding
Fall through an internal void
Crushed by falling excavation
MEWP crushing/entrapment

Exposure to asbestos
Exposure to silica
Manual handling
Exposure to excessive noise
Exposure to excessive vibration

Changing things without changing the signage could cause serious accidents. For example changing the plant route without changing the signage to let contractors know of the change.

Site notice board – should display and changes and updates Permits to work
Daily checks to the workplace and these should be signed off. Hazard boards

1) Raise the alarm – H&S officer – First aid and accident book. 2) Manufacturers information sheets and data sheets
3) Let site Manger know of any problems
4) Clear working area of any potential hazards, Leave via a safe route, go to muster point 5) Use pedestrian route to go to muster point
6) An induction is in place and the route should be known from this to the muster point 7) Weekly site meetings every Friday

Red – water
Black – CO2
Cream – Foam
Blue – Dry powder

Red – Water – Wood and paper
Black – CO2 – Electrical fires
Cream – Foam – petrol/diesel
Blue – Dry powder- Electric

Be alert to hazards around you to yourself and to others working with you Give input at weekly meetings
Report hazards and near misses to managers and raise alarm where necessary Sort and recycle waste where appropriate

Problems and bad feeling can arise from disagreements on site you should try to get along with colleagues as if someone takes a risk it can affect the whole site

Sign in and out
Block and mesh security fencing in situ
Hand scanners and security passes
Personal belongings should be kept securely in a locker on site

QCF 642

Different forms of communication are:
Oral, written, electronic and hand signals
Environmental factors that can effect what form is used : Noise levels, distance and the degree of clarity required

Email gives a good clear set of instructions/directions from which to work from and can be referred back to when needed.

Work to specifications and site drawings
Site supervisor at all times and work programme
Work programme and site supervision
Follow company environmental policy with regards to recycling and car sharing etc

Job cards – give clear instructions
Work sheets – more detailed and accurate...
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