Nvq Level2 in Health and Social Care

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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Healthcare Support Services (600/1290/0)

Evidence Tracking Sheet

Learner name:

Tracking your evidence

During your course your Assessor will ask you to carry out work either in the classroom, in your workplace or at home which you’ll keep as evidence of your learning.

The work you produce (evidence) will be assessed by your Assessor to make sure you’ve covered everything in sufficient detail. Your evidence could be made up of a combination of:

□ written work or class notes
□ products or samples of practical work
□ case studies
□ simulated activities or role play
□ work placement diaries
□ learning logs
□ video or audio recordings
□ other appropriate formats suggested by your Assessor

When all your evidence is gathered together in a file or folder, this becomes your portfolio.

Your centre and Assessor may have systems that they use to plan and monitor your assessment. These may be computer-based (eg using ‘e-portfolio’ software) or paper-based (using forms or checklists). These systems are designed to show how each piece of evidence meets which learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

How your evidence is checked

After your Assessor has assessed your work, another member of staff – the Internal Moderator – will review it. An External Moderator from NCFE will visit your centre. The External Moderator’s role is to make sure your work has been assessed to NCFE’s requirements. They’ll do this by checking a sample of candidates’ portfolios – which may include yours. They may also wish to talk to you about the content of the course and the work you’re doing.

How you get your certificate

Once you’ve built up your portfolio and your Assessor and the Internal and External Moderators are satisfied it meets the standards, you’ll be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Healthcare Support Services. Example

(M/102/4501)Prepare yourself to deliver good customer service

Learning outcomes

| |Evidence |Location | |When you prepare yourself to deliver good customer service you must consistently: | |Describe the customer service of your organisation to customers and/or colleagues | |explain what your organisation does and the type of customers it has |presentation |saved in G/Drive on computer | |describe who’s who and who does what to provide customer service |presentation |saved in G/Drive on computer | |describe who to go to for information or help when dealing with |presentation |saved in G/Drive on computer | |customer service issues | | | |Describe your organisation’s products or services to customers and/or colleagues | |list your organisation’s services or products |report |page 15 of portfolio | |answer simple customer...
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