Nvq Level 3 in Management

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NVQ IN Management Level 3

UNIT B6 Provide Leadership in Your Area of Responsibility

Leadership is about helping people, empowering people, setting clear goals and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organisation.

The Council operates as one organisation working towards a common aim:

“This Council will provide services that are amongst the best in the UK and will lead to the achievement of the Vision for Swansea”

Consequently the corporate plan focuses on twenty three priority objectives. Employment Training’s activities have direct links with ten of these objectives including: regeneration of local communities, promoting increased prosperity, supporting disabled and elderly people to live independent lives, work towards improving all social housing stock, reduced levels of crime and improving the capability and efficiency of our workforce.

Employment Trainings mission statement is:-

“To work in partnership with employers, other agencies and the unemployed to develop a skills base in the community compatible with existing and future trends to reduce unemployment levels and contribute to national educational and training targets”

The mission statement drives activities at Employment Training and supports the councils common aim by offering vocational training, basic skills and key skills development, vocational tasters (i.e. helping to focus young people and adults towards a clear occupational route) and work experience (i.e. helping young people and adults onto work). This is achieved through a variety of programmes and an extensive range of occupational training areas as follows:

DCELLS – Skill build (prep) (youth and adults); Skill build (skills) (youth and adults); FMA; MA; MSD; Bespoke (flexible learning) JC Plus – New deal 18 -24 Environmental Task Force; New deal 25+; Work Preparation European – Intermediate Labour Market (ILM); Youth Access; Swansea Skills Service; Swansea Apprentice programme

The centre offers training in various occupational routes, including; Agriculture, Construction; Engineering; Transportation; Management; Business Administration; ICT; Retail; Customer Service; Leisure, Sport and Travel; Hair and Beauty; Health Care and Hospitality. Under the apprenticeship programme we help to address and reduce skills shortages across the County and are there to support and train those who wish to achieve the skills and qualifications required to secure employment and develop careers.

On an annual basis the management team puts together a bid for external funding to deliver workplace training. When the contract is agreed individual teams (each occupational area) agrees targets with their line manager at the appraisal process. During the appraisal interview our team leader discusses with us how our work contributes to the overall visions, aims and objectives of the council. He outlines our individual and teams targets in terms of number of starts and framework achievements to secure funding for the organisation. Team targets are outlined in the enclosed Quality Development Plans (see attached).

I work within the customer service and contact centre route as an Employer Liaison Officer, NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier (IV) where I have to mentor and guide learners throughout their NVQ programme, as well as assess and internally verify learner’s portfolios. I currently have a caseload of 30 learners, all of whom are working towards a level 2 and 3 in customer service or a level 2 in contact centre operations. The organisation has a mission that learners will complete a framework of learning (NVQ, technical certificate and key skills) and these objectives are laid down in a learning agreement at the start of the learning programme. Frameworks are Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) targets and these targets are monitored by DECELL’s and Estyn. As an IV within the customer service team I communicate the visions and objectives of the organisation...
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