Nvq Level 3 Health and Social Care

Topics: Aggression, The Incident, Dharma Initiative Pages: 5 (1149 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Form /6 Performance Evidence Record

N/SVQ / Unit Dip Level 3 – Leadership for Health

Candidate Name: E.Kostucenko C & G No: WCS 9064

Use this form to record details of activities (tick or circle as appropriate) □ Observed by your assessor
□ Seen by expert witness
□ Seen by witness
□ Reflective account. Case study. Assignment. Candidate Statement. Activity NB Your assessor may wish to ask you some questions relating to this activity. There is a separate sheet for recording these. The person who observed/witnessed your activity must sign and date overleaf.

|Links to |Date of Activity: | |Unit No |Learning |A C No |Performance evidence | | |Outcome | | | |329 |1 |1 |At my work place I am required to follow any legislation and codes of practice related to support positive behaviour. I | | | | |would be informed with any new legislation relating to positive behaviour. Also the staff will reinforce positive | | | | |behaviour to the service user as it’s my duty in order for the service user to know how to behave with others and the | | | | |staff. I hand out to each new service user a paper with the code of conduct this informs them how they should behave and | | |2 |5 |also how I and my colleagues should behave towards the service users | | | | | | | |1 |2,3,5,4 |Although at work sometimes I do have challenging behaviour and when an incident happens such as a service user trying to | | | | |start a scene or a fight with another service user the least restrictive interventions such as in an area where the right | | | | |of an individual is restricted like in a private room is used because it is the only way to calm the person down and to | | | | |give the service user some space to think but this method will only be used if there is an actual need for it. For example| | | | |there was an accident were a service user was shouting and being verbally abusive to several other service users. I | | | | |approached the service user that was shouting. I spoke to the man in a way that had an immediate calming effect on him. I | | | |1 |led the man out of the dining room which defused the danger of the incident from becoming violent. I went with the service| | |5 | |user to the rear courtyard and I calmly approached the man in a calm manor. I informed the man that his behaviour was | | | | |unacceptable and also informed him that it would be in my best interest if he ever became upset for any reason then he | | | |1,3,4 |should approach me with any concerns that the service user had. The end result was that I advised him what to do if he | | |3 | |ever had any concern that he shouldn’t react in such a negative manor. I also made a record of the incident in the works | | | | |incident book. Also when restrictive methods have been used the...
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