Nvq Business and Admine Lv2 Unit 680

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Improve Own Performance
in a Business Environment

There are a number of guidelines and procedures in place to enable me to do my job not only to the best of my ability but in a professional manner. there are procedures that need to be followed relating to various aspects of the job including correct procedures to greet visitors, answer the telephone, dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, data protection, booking meeting rooms aswell as other procedures.

If we plan our work we can be more efficient. We have to set priorities in order to do most important things first. If we are accountable to others for our own work we are more responsible for the work we do.

The purpose for agreeing realistic targets for work is to keep everyone on task and focused on accomplishing a target that is obtainable and not out of reach. By doing this everyone can contribute effectively and reach targets more efficiently.

Agreeing realistic targets should be based on your abilty to complete work and also time should be tken into account.

To plan work to meet agreed deadlines you should first priotise what is more important and less import and set aside more time fore the more important work.

Keeping other people informed about the progress of your work is important so that others know tht deadlines will be kept, if you are behind on work others can step in to help so tht targets are met .

Lettings other people know tht work plans have been changed is important because the changes made in your work may affect other peoples work, if they haven’t been informed this could lead to confusions and ultiemtly missing targets.

The types of problems that may occur during your work are:
- computer crashing
- work not getting saved
- power cuts
- photocopier runs out of toner
- photocopier runs out paper.include

You should try to resolve problems yourself if you are not able to do this you should inform a...
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