Nvq 3 Diploma Health&Socialcare

Topics: Marie Curie, Oncology, Cancer Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Person Specification
I have years of experience working with different clients/patients group. I work with people with terminal illness such as cancer patients, renal and heart failure in different settings such as hospital wards, rehabilitation wards, private, residential and nursing homes. Skills and Abilities

Ability to respond to changes in patient condition
I have responded to changes in patients conditions by documenting my observation and informing person in charge that patient was breathless, vomiting, complaining of pain, patient having diarrhea, patient couldn’t swallow or patient wasn’t eating, Ability to prioritise patient’s care need

My priority is my duty of care to my patient because of that I always prioritise my work load by working according to care plan of individual patient, giving patient informed choices and gaining consent before any task. Ability to work without direct supervision

I work as a lone worker and I received and give handovers on via phone. I have shared information’s that concern and of benefit to patient, colleagues and other professionals thru e-mails. I have written log and left messages in patient’s note. I have called district nurses and person in charge on phone to report changes and observations. Uses own initiative and motivation to learn

I always ensure I have nursing equipments such as gloves and apron in my possession when going to shift. I have used my note book when there was no message sheet in patient’s note. I have called on call manager to report patient who refused service before heading home. I am always ready to learn new skills to develop professional. I have attended trainings and appraisals. I welcome positive criticisms form colleagues and respect people opinion and views. Knowledge of care giving

I have the ability to give and assist patient with care needs, for example I have taken patient’s T.P.R., blood sugar, E.C.G, swabbing and so on. I have done pressure area care. I have assisted patient...
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