Nvq 3 Ccld Safeguarding

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Explanation on safeguarding covering K3S249,K3S250,K3S251,K3S252,K3S253,K3S253,K3D254,K3M333 When dealing with suspected or actual abuse it is important that we don’t make premature judgments and try to deal with the situation without having all information and evidence required. Just because (for example) a child comes into school regularly with cuts and bruises, this does not mean that they are being abuse. Observations can play a key role into getting actual evidence. By making premature judgments and proceeding to accuse parents/carers of abusing a child can cause a lot of unnecessary upset to both parent and child and make your workplace look inadequate. I think it is important to comply with your settings policies and procedures because they are there to help you and explain your roles and responsibilities when dealing with such cases. We need to remember that in some cases of abuse, it can turn into a criminal investigation so by not complying with your policies, you may jeopardise the case and possible incriminate yourself. Some children are more at risk than others and are more vulnerable because they may have communication difficulties i.e. English being a second language to them, Special needs, inability to talk properly because they are to young or have a speech impairment, not wanting to say anything because it is a loved one, substance abuse in the home or poor parent child communication/bond etc. As an Early Years worker I understand that children learn a lot about resilience at Pre-School (and at home)and the importance of promoting it. Resilience can help vulnerable children cope/deal with certain situations. Ways we help children gain knowledge of resilience and empowerment is by providing a safe environment, building trust and valuing all children in our care, helping children to communicate with us and each other, allowing them to make decisions and mistakes by themselves and by trying to be the best role models as we can by being consistent, supportive and enthusiastic. The welfare of the children in our care is paramount and we will do anything to help and support a child that is being or suspected of being abused. We follow our policies and procedure to make sure we apply this correctly. We need to have an understanding of social factors that can lead to child abuse - Drug and substance use/abuse

New partner
Shop lifting/stealing
Area in which they live/poverty

All the above will affect both parent and child. If a parent is an alcoholic, they may forget their responsibilities and will not provide the right care for their child or they may take them to inappropriate places, leave them on their own or become physically abusive. Neglect/Physical A parent addicted to drugs may act differently and respond in inappropriate ways, not even realising they are doing it. Depending on the harshness of the drug parent/carer may feel vulnerable and worthless, causing them not to care about what’s happening to people around them including their own children. There is also the danger of the child getting hold of the drugs and taking them themselves as they are just copying their role model. Neglect/Physical It is very important to have a good knowledge an understanding of the possible signs and symptoms of abuse. Having good knowledge of children’s expected development will help you understand their behaviour and notice behaviour that is inappropriate for the child’s age. If I suspected that a child was being abused I would act immediately and inform our nominated child protection co-ordinator. I would inform them of everything that I suspect has happened, why and if there has been a disclosure from the actual child. She will then discuss this with our manager they together will decide what to do keeping all staff members who need to know aware of the situation and outcome. Parents/carers are usually the first people informed, except where the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board does...
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