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B.i. The contract of my employment contains the following:

Date my employment commenced.
Rate of pay and how often it is paid.
My hours of work per week.
Holiday entitlement.
Notice required to terminate my employment.
Job Title.
Overall objectives of the company.
My duties and expectations and how I would be required to carry them out. All set guidelines for me to follow within my working role.

B.ii. My pay slip should contain the following:

Amount of wages before deductions.
The individual amount of deductions or total deductions.
National Insurance number and tax.
Net amount of wages after all deductions.
Tax code.
Any additional payment for overtime or bonuses.

B.iii. Two changes of personal information that must be reported are:

Change of address.
Any requests of absence (holiday or sickness).

B.iv. If I had any grievances at work I would contact my manager immediately to have a formal conversation about any concerns I have within the company, giving my employer the chance to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

B.v. (1)The Data Protection Act protects peoples rights to confidentiality, and covers both paper and electronic records. The act provides individuals with a range of rights, which include the following:

To know what information is held about you.
To correct information, if needed.
To refuse information.
Information is accurate and up to date.
Information is not accessible to unauthorized people.

B.v. (2)I think a grievance at work should be dealt with as soon as possible, you should contact your employer to express your concerns so that the issue can be resolved quickly.

B.v. (3)Conflict management is not necessarily a bad thing if it is dealt with effectively Common causes of conflict are:

Poor organizational structure.
Lack of team work.
Poor communication.
Different attitudes or values.
Disagreements about needs or interests.
Conflicts between individuals can have different styles,
ambitions, political or religious views and differently
cultural backgrounds.
In our diverse society, the possibilities of these leading to conflict between individuals is always there, and we
must be alert to prevent and resolve situations where
conflict arises.
Managing conflict in a work role is to start by talking to the individuals involved using the companies policies and procedures for dealing with grievances. Investigating the problem, and talking to each individual involved and listening to them and give them time to express their feelings and concerns.

B.v. (4)It is important that care workers understand anti-discrimination practice and promote equality, value diversity and respect the right of the service users. This means that the service users individual needs will be met and achieved. Care workers can achieve this by understanding what it is like to use those services. Always ask the service users what they would like and prefer instead of making decisions for them. Always make the service users your first priority when at work. Care workers should encourage the service users to speak out and say what they would prefer to do, whether its related to medical treatment or simpler preferences ie: “What would they like to wear, or eat that day” ? This can be done by caring for the service users by communicating and interacting with them on a regular basis to make sure that they are supporting the service in the correct way.

B.v. (5)Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the work place. To follow the risk assessments that are put in place within your work place.

Employers responsibilities are:

Establish, monitor and maintain a safe and healthy work
Evaluate reported H & S hazards promptly and take
Ensure all employees have access to H &...
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