Nvq 2 Unit 58

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1.2 establish the level and type of support and individual needs for personal care It is necessary to ensure a service users treatment is both caring and beneficial. As individuals, we have choices that we can make independently, but those in a care environment may have that choice taken away and support services need to ensure that they are offering the best possible care. Their needs include choice, respect and dignity, privacy, confidentiality and independence and we must ensure that we respect these.

1.3 Agree with the individual how privacy will be maintained during personal care. The ways agreed with the individual to maintain privacy are, when entering the room the staff member will knock on the door. Before assisting the staff member will ask if they need any help and when assisting they will explain what they are about to do. If the individual is unhappy with anything the staff member must stop immediately.

2.3 Explain how to report concerns about the safety and hygiene of equipment or facilities used for personal care If you have any concerns you are to report it immediately to your manager or who is in charge. Also you must make a clear notice not to use it as it may cause harm to others.

2.4 Describe ways to ensure the individual can summon help when alone during personal care If the individual is not able to do their own personal care they should not be alone, if they are there is a call button installed in every room which they can press if they need assistance. There is always a member of staff close by if they wish for assistance and quite often they will call outside their door for someone to help.in some circumstances if they need assistance a lot of service users have a call matt which when they stand up triggers an alarm to notify us that they need help.

6.3 record and support on an individual’s personal care in agreed ways When the service user wakes up she would like to have a full body wash in which she needs assistance getting...
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