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1 Download and Install EVGA Precision X v3.0.4, NVIDIA Inspector v1.9.6.6, & WinRAR 4.20 to desktop. (Install WinRAR 4.20 First, then Precision, lastly NVIDIA Inspector.) - http://www.evga.com/Drive....zip&survey=13.0.4

- http://download.orbmu2k.de/download.php?id=51
- http://www.rarlab.com/rar/winrar-x64-420.exe

#2 Run Winrar-x64-420.exe and follow the instructions on the screen and install WinRAR to wherever you like.

#3 After installing WinRAR 4.20, proceed to installing EVGA Precision X by extracting EVGAPrecisionX.zip to desktop. - Right click on EVGAPrecisionX.zip on the desktop and select "Extract to EVGAPrecisionX\" (The folder EVGAPrecisionX should have been created and placed onto your desktop.) - Open the EVGAPrecisionX folder and run the EVGA_PrecisionX_Setup_304.exe, follow the instructions on the screen and install Precision wherever you like.

#4 Install NVIDIA Inspector.
- Right click on NvidiaInspector.zip on the desktop and select "Extract files...", Extract to Destination Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\nvidiaInspector" without quotes. - Press OK to start the extraction.

#5 Run EVGA Precision X
- Select Configuration at the top right. (Looks like two gears inside a watch) and select the General Tab, check mark "Start with Windows", Press OK to exit Config. - Select the Adjust Voltage button, Raise voltage to 1175mv & Enable K-Boost then hit Apply. (If using SLI, please disable SLI prior to enabling this feature, you can re-enable SLI once system is rebooted.) Reboot... Enable SLI If needed.

#6 Open EVGA Precision and notice that now your boost clock is running at a constant speed. :) (Of course you don't want to run like this at all times so proceed to step #7)

#7 Create Force Idle & Force Constant Boost .bat files for Nvidia Inspector. (These two .bat files will allow to to idle down your GPU Boost & Voltage or set it back to Constant Boost & Max Voltage as needed.) - Open 2x Notepad (Click Start and type in Notepad and hit...
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