Nutritional Values

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Appendix F Outline and Thesis Statement Guide
What is your thesis statement? Which would you prefer to feed your child on a weekly basis if you were always on the go? Fast food or Subway? What organizational strategy have you chosen? Order of importance I. Introduction: Which would you prefer to feed your your child on a weekly basis if you were always on the go Fast Food like McDonald's or Subway? I would like to give you a little insight on the nutritional values of a couple items each of these have to offer. II. First main point a. Supporting details: Fast food and Subway are the largest growing places that Americans go to eat. They both advertise healthy food. Which is the healthiest to eat at? i. Subdetails: What is the difference in nutritional value in a Big Mac and a Cold cut trio. ii. Subdetails: How do they vary in calories or healthiness. II. Second main point:What are the nutritional values of the Big Mac from McDonald's and a Cold Cut Trio from Subway. b. Supporting details i. Subdetails: How are these items the related in the nutritional value. ii. Subdetails: Which of these items are the cheapest. III. Third main point: Can McDonald's or Subway offer something that is of more nutritious value to us. a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: They should advertise the item that each of them offer that has the best nutritional value. ii. Subdetails: Do they or have they advertised the best nutritional food item. IV. Fourth main point: The difference in the Big Mac meal and the Cold Cut Trio meal. a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Is the hole meal deal a healthy choice or just the sandwiches. ii. Subdetails: Which is the best choice and from which place. V. Conclusion: In Conclusion to my paper on which would you prefer to feed your children on a daily basis Fast Food like McDonald's or Subway. Next time you decide to take your child to eat out keep in mind the nutritional value of the...
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