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Nutrition Worksheet

In order to obtain optimal health, it is critical to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Becoming knowledgeable about how to evaluate the nutritional value of what you eat may greatly increase your ability to improve your health and wellness.

In this two-part worksheet, you critique a recipe for nutritional value and respond to two short answer questions about nutrition. Completing this assignment is a step towards gaining the knowledge needed to better manage your nutrition.

Part 1: Critique a Meal

For this part of the assignment, you critique the nutritional value of a meal. You will select this meal from the USDA website.

Follow the instructions below:

Access the USDA Recipe Finder search tool at (either click on or paste the above link in your internet’s address bar) Search for a recipe using one of the available criteria:

Type in ingredients;
Type in a recipe name, or;
Choose options from the available categories
Select a recipe to critique from the generated results.

Review the nutritional information provided for the recipe you selected or added and answer the questions below.

What is the name of the recipe you are evaluating?

Arroz Con Pollo Chicken and Rice

Which essential nutrients—carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals—are included in the recipe? 31G of Carbs, 4G Total Fats, 11G of Protein, Vitamin A 20%, Vitamin C 45%, Iron 10%, and Calcium 4%

Which ingredients are providing each nutrient?
Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Garlic Cloves, Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Bay Leaf, Rice, Peas,

Does this recipe include a good balance of essential nutrients? Explain your answer.
I feel it does because it gives you a decent amount of vitamins, protein, carbs, fats, and iron.

How could the recipe be altered to include more essential nutrients?
I think it could be altered to include more grams of proteins, but it...
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