Nutrition Report

Topics: Nutrition, Metabolism, Protein Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: September 11, 2012
We are required to obtain certain amount of nutrients from food. Food can simply divide into 2 groups, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients composition. Both of the groups mentioned do affect the metabolism rate. According to Hulbert and Else, dietary fatty acid will affect the metabolism rate and some of the polyunsaturated fatty acid will increase the metabolism rate (1999). Meanwhile, different kinds of animals have their own unique requirement for macro-nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Moreover, most of the food intake is driven by achieving the required protein intake. Animals on a low protein diet will over eat carbohydrates and fat until the protein requirement has been satisfied. If this case occurred in human, obesity will occurred and may have a serious impact to their health. On the other hand, both low energy intake and starvation will decrease the metabolic rates, growth and offspring number and size. In this experiment, we will find out that how does low energy diet affect animal’s metabolism and fitness of the Artemia, which is a species of marine animal by divide those Artemia in to 2 groups and fed by 2 different kind of food. One of them will be fed by low energy diet while another group of Artemia will be fed with high energy diet. After a certain period, both group of Artemia will be used for this experiment to find out the difference of oxygen consumption and acitivity level. In this experiment, we assume that the both oxygen consumption and activities of low energy intake Artemia will be much lower than the group of high energy intake Artemia.

To find out the difference of oxygen consumption and the activity level between 2 groups of Artemia, the low energy intake and the high energy intake, we are required several of equipment, which are a computer with FiBOX3 Fibre-Optic Oxygen Electrode software, a oxygen meter (FiBOX 3, PreSens, Germany) and a temperature-controlled water bath with 25℃. In the...
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