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Final Project: Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Christina Belflowers
Sunday October 7, 2012
Deborah Phinney

Final Project: Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
An unhealthy diet, as well as a dysfunctional and unproductive lifestyle, can set you up for potentially serious and complicated medical conditions. My name is Christina Belfowers, and I am a future “Phoenix”. I am a forty-year old female, I am a smoker, and I have previously engaged in self-destructive behaviors such as drug and alcohol dependency. I have constructed this report in a realistic manner based on self-honesty as well as research. I have formulated a comparison of my eating habits beginning with my first assignment in this course, which was on August 9, 2012, compared to my last assignment on October 4, 2012, and you will perceive my findings with results of a Three Day Diet Analysis. This analysis was found to be physically effective and very beneficial to me on a personal level as well. I will discuss my nutritional levels and changes during this time frame to where I stand today. In this reading, I will also include four of my personal nutritional goals and one physical activity goal, along with strategies that I have developed to overcome setbacks and difficulties that could arise; there will be issues that I will discuss in regards to preventative plans involving my potential health problems that may be foreseen as being of concern due to genetics and hereditary if my plan is not implemented; discussion of how we can all adjust to any nutritional needs in order to meet the American Dietary Recommended Guidelines as we adjust to getting older, as well as what levels of physical activity are appropriate for our future ages; the effects of high cholesterol in regards to Cardiovascular Disease as being a health problem that I am targeting only for research; and concluding with outcomes by which to measure success in the effectiveness of my personal plans and goals. These are my stories……This is my research…….This is my plan……This is my future and failure is not an option anymore.

Comparison of Previous Diet Analysis and Where I am Today
It was the middle of the summer, and I was going through an emotional era of not accepting the way that I looked as far as my weight was concerned. I wanted to lose that stubborn ten pounds that just wouldn’t budge. I felt like I didn’t over-eat although I knew that drinking wine everyday did not help the situation. I also knew the pattern of dependency; therefore I questioned myself, “Why do I think I always have to have something other than sobriety at certain points of my life?” I proceeded to do research after hearing a mutual acquaintance state that wine was good for you. I had just begun my Nutrition class at The University of Phoenix, and was at the time doing research on how to conduct my Three Day Diet Analysis. I was undecided on whether to just make up something for the assignment as if I really did it, or be real and develop a plan to go on a self-controlled successful diet. That night I meditated on my strengths, weaknesses, and tools of recovery which led me to the point of will that allowed me to put down the Chardonnay glass for good. I am proud to say that I have successfully refrained from drinking alcohol as well as a dependency on narcotics that I have been prescribed for years for an accident that I had in 2006. I had previously mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go to a doctor that is highly recommended for weight loss and management. As a result of breaking a couple of bad habits, my money was right for me to be able to schedule an initial appointment with her. I received a menu, Appetite Depressants, Fat Burner Shots, and B-12 injections for the next three months. This was August 10, 2012, and I have successfully lost thirteen to fifteen pounds. My weight was around 155 pounds, and I currently weigh 140 pounds. I can’t honestly say...
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