Nutrition: Fast Food Nation

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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nutrTiffany HickeyTouro College NutritionJanuary 3, 20012

Fast food nation by Eric Schlosser is a book about the American way of life. The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, he argues that today’s slaughterhouses and meatpacking industries are revoltingly unsafe, unsanitary, and employees are treated unfairly and with little or no respect. He gave me as a reader a lot of solid factual material. He did his own research so all of the information came from him. I strongly feel it should be necessary that the food as well as the working conditions be regularly monitored. Fast food restaurant should not be allowed to add so much salt and sugar to their food to make people addicted. I feel like they are targeting young children and adolescents because they are their biggest consumers. The working conditions need to also be watched carefully. People should be able to work in a safe environment and be provided with medical care if they are injured at work.

The book is broken down into two sections. In the first section, The American Way, Schlosser examines the beginnings of the fast food industry in America post- World War II. The second section, Meat and Potatoes, looks at the specifics of the fast food industry, including the chemical flavoring of food, the production of chicken and cattle, the working conditions within the beef industry and the dangers of eating meat. In the first part of the book, Schlosser discusses how McDonald’s came to be and how Carl Karcher and the McDonalds brothers pioneered the fast-food industry in southern California. He then examines how Ray Kroc and Walt Disney both rose to fame at a when their relationship with each other was complicated. Schlosser also spends time looking at how the food industry makes child friendly advertisement because that is where most of the business comes from.

Schlosser then visits Colorado Springs, CO to see the working conditions of the food...
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