Nutrition Essay

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Shakton Andrews
March 27, 2012
4.07 Movie Matinee

Shakton Carbohydrate was chatting happily with a jar of paprika in the pantry when someone started calling her name. The voice got closer and soon, two hands appeared on the shelf. Whose head popped up above them but that of Norman Nutrition!

“There you are, Shakton!” he said with a smile.
“Hi there, Norman!” Shakton replied.
“Listen, Shakton, we have a big problem— the Jones family isn’t eating right. They’re only eating donuts, candy, chips, and sodas. We have to do something! I’m calling on all the food groups to help me out. We’re going to show them how to eat healthy again.” “Of course I’ll help. We need to teach the Jones to eat properly or else they’ll be sick and overweight,” Shakton answered. “Good! Remember, meet me at the dining room table at supper time with three friends,” Norman said. Then he waved and jumped off the shelf to tell the other food groups about the Jones’ problem. “Bye, Paprika! Duty calls!” Shakton said, waving to his friend before jumping off the shelf like Norman. As Shakton floated down to the floor, he thought about who he should bring to the dining room with him. “The Jones kids are fun and like to play. I should bring some friends that are fun!”

And with that, Shakton headed to the kitchen.

“Corn has lots of carbs; my friend Corn on the Cob would be perfect for the Jones kids!” Shakton decided, and made his way to the refrigerator. Opening the door was a challenge too big for little Shakton, so he had the family dog, Oscar, help her. With his teeth, he pulled on the towel Mrs. Jones kept tied to the refrigerator door handle. The towel stretched for a second, and then the door opened with a whoosh of cool air.

How to open the drawer where Corn on the Cob lived was a harder problem to solve. Eventually, though, Oscar and Shakton figured it out. Oscar held Shakton carefully in his mouth while he grabbed hold of the drawer handle. Then, he pulled and the drawer slid open with a squeak. “Thanks, Oscar,” Shakton called as the dog trotted off.
“Hey, Shakton, is that you?” Corn on the Cob asked from where she sat at the back of the drawer. “Yep, that’s me!” Shakton answered, jumping down into the drawer. Corn on the Cob ran over and gave her a hug. “I need your help,” Shakton began, returning his friend’s hug. “Of course, anything!”

And so Shakton explained the Jones’ problem. When he finished Corn on the Cob gasped in horror. “Oh, Shakton, that’s awful! What do you need me to do?” she asked. “I need you to come with me to the dining room table to show that it can be fun to eat good foods. We have to be there by supper time, and I still have to pick up to other friends.” “Let’s go, then! What are we waiting for?” Corn on the Cob exclaimed.

As Shakton and Corn on the Cob climbed out of the drawer, Shakton asked his friend who else they should bring along to the dining room. Corn on the Cob paused on the edge of the drawer, thinking, before jumping down onto the floor where Shakton waited. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones might not be interested in fun foods like me at their age…” Corn on the Cob said sadly. “What about BlueBerry? He’s a bit more suited to their fruity pallet,” Shakton suggested. “Good idea,” Corn on the Cob agreed.

Shakton and Corn on the Cob had to ask some of the other inhabitants of the fridge where BlueBerry lived, but eventually they found out where he usually stayed. It was a small drawer on the very top shelf on the Pantry Door.

From where they stood on the bottom shelf, Shakton and Corn on the Cob looked way, way up to see where he lived. “How are we ever going to get up there?” Corn on the Cob fretted. “We’ll figure out...
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