Nutrition Assessment

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Briefly answer the following questions.
List your three favorite foods:
*Mac 'n' cheese
Why are these your favorite foods?
- I love fish, and salmon has the best taste for me. I love mac 'n' cheese because I love cheese and pasta (so good combo) also when I was younger it was the easiest to make for me so I grew up eating it. I love liver because in my culture kebabs are a well known food, and liver kebab was always one of my favorites, its tender, also not as fattening as the other meats.

List your three least favorite foods: ( this is a tough one, I love all food I'm really not too picky) *Black Caviar
*Russian Holodets (meat jelly)
Why are these your least favorite foods?
-I dislike black caviar because its a bit too salty for me. I don't eat pork mainly because of my religion (Jewish), also after learning more about the pig and what it consumes the idea began to disgust me. I DESPISE Russian holodets, its basically frozen meat soup that forms into the texture of jelly, which is a texture that I dislike, the idea of eating frozen meat fat grosses me out.

Using food records recorded for three days, detail how often you consumed your favorite foods—if you did nor consume , detail why these foods were not included in the 72 hour period. -I've had salmon 3 times this week, once for dinner, and 3 times as lox on a bagel for breakfast. I've had liver once this week for dinner. I haven't eaten mac 'n' cheese for almost 6 months because I'm really trying hard to stay away from the combo of cheese and pasta. I love pasta therefore I've been sticking to whole wheat, and I love cheese but it makes me breakout…its not really part of my diet plan.

During the three day recording period, how many times did you eat solely because you were hungry? - Now at days I only eat when I'm hungry, I used to use eating as a way to stop boredom or when I was upset about something, this made me gain weight quicker than anything. I've learned to control myself, it really is all psychological. I also have a set eating schedule which I follow.

What factors influenced your food choices during the three day recording period? - I'm currently trying to watch my weight, and live a healthy lifestyle by watching what I eat, I quit smoking, and I work on my fitness daily.

What claims, advertisements or food labels influenced your intake? -I go on, under the 'Eat Healthy' section, and choose certain recipes. I've always been doing research through many different health and fitness blogs, but I don't always believe what I read on the internet. I do believe that the Food Network is a reliable source though.

Which of the five nutrition principles/factors/building blocks appear to be missing in your current eating pattern as highlighted by the three day recording? Missing:


What two lifestyle factors could you change in order to improve eating habits? Explain how this will improve your eating habits. *Sleep schedule, and fitness.

Explain: If I went to sleep a bit earlier I would be able to wake up earlier to pack food for myself, I work in the Bronx and the food around that area isn't all that healthy. Also had I began working on my fitness sooner, my eating habits would have improved drastically.

Go to the following website and complete the assignment as detailed. The results are for you and will not be seen by anyone.

What did you learn about your lifestyle that was most interesting? From the results of the quiz in #9, identify health behaviors you would like to change and explain why it is important for you to address these factors.

Irina Ilyayeva
Part 2 –Assignment
Using all the tools at your disposal, detail as best you can...
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