Nutrition Apa Annotated Bib

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Annotated Bibliography

Healthy eating. (2011, January 31). Retrieved from

Described in this online dietary guideline is ways to balance calories, foods to reduce the consumption of, nutrients to increase, and ways to build healthy eating patterns. This online document gives great background information on nutrition and being healthy which is my focus. In chapter 5 of the document it is recommended for people to keep some type of journal or diary to keep track of foods eaten, caloric intake, and to assess nutrient intake. I think that is a great strategy in trying to help people change their eating habits whether it is to lose weight for physical appearance or health reasons.

Barrie, L. (2011, February 11). The top power foods for you.
Retrieved from,,20465624,00.html

Our body’s fuel is food and just as there can be bad fuel there can be bad foods. This article talks about people who may feel sluggish through out the day could be because they may not have enough iron. This article fits great with my topic because I am looking to research all the ways a person can get the most out of their body and improve their performance and overall health. I learned from the author that consuming more vitamin c will help with the absorption of iron. I also concluded on my own that combinations of food could make food more useful such as a glass of orange juice with your breakfast cereal.

The effect of increasing consumption of pulses and wholegrains
in obese people: a randomized controlled trial. (2010).
Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 29(4),
Retrieved from

In this trial a set of people on a controlled diet and a set of people consuming pulses and whole grains were tested and compared. The conclusion showed...
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