Nutrition and Overall Health

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Statements Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: January 27, 2013
This first DA assignment is designed to assess your current beliefs about diet, nutrition and health. Develop a personal statement regarding your personal overall health. You should include assessing your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. You should include: food choices, food variety, exercise habits, water intake, and vitamin and mineral intake. Also include your overall health, physical issues, sleep patterns, alcohol and tobacco use. Assess what you believe to be your pros and cons with regards to all of these criteria.

This is a personal statement we will use as a starting point for this course. I do not want you to do any research on any of these topics. We will cover each over the course of this semester. This is a statement of where you feel you are you’re your own health and nutrition habits, some things you feel need improvement etc.

***Please note that I am not going to judge you on any of your choices. This information will be used as a reference point for your semester project. We will see if there are things about your nutritional habits that change after learning more about each item. I want you to challenge your beliefs about nutrition and this will be a great starting point.

Examples of possible statements:
I feel like I could use more vegetables in my diet. I only eat broccoli and lettuce…….. I do not think I drink enough water during the day. I drink 4 Diet Cokes a day……… I may consume too many carbohydrates in a day. I really love pasta and bread…….. I should exercise more. I walk 30 minutes a day most days…………..

You could also include possible reasons behind your choices and habits.
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