Nutrition and Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Topics: Nutrition, Fatty acid, Cholesterol Pages: 4 (677 words) Published: February 16, 2012
1 )
Which of the followig group of people needs a positive protein balance? * A 24 year old woman that is pregnant
2 )
Jeff is not an active individual and weighs 176 pounds.  His RDA for protein would be * 64
3 )
The buildup of excess fluid in extracellular spaces is
* Edema
4 )
Proteins can be broken down to supply energy for the body.  How may kcal per gram? * 4 kcal
5 )
The R group on some amino acids have a branched chain - Which one of the following is not a branched-chain amino acid? * Peptide
6 )
What is the protein requirements for a 154 pound male?
* 70 kilograms
7 )
As the body uses glucose to supply energy for the brain, red blood cells, and nervous cell tissues.  At rest what percentage of glucose does it take for the body to function? * 19 %
8 )
With excess protein intake amino acids are
 converted to fat as a last resort
9 )
Compared to the other macronutrients, proteins provide a feeling of_________? * satiety after each meal
10 )
As an acute illness occurs and the desire for one to eat is lost causing an inadequate calorie intak, this could lead  to__________________. Which is the best answer according to the book? * negative protein balance

11 )
An essential amino acid
* Cannot be synthesized in the body in sufficient quantity to meet body needs 12 )
A saturated fatty acid contains
* No Double Bonds
13 )
Proteins that bind to foreign proteins in the body are
* Antibodies
14 )
Glucose also is known as
* Dextrose
15 )
One would be likely to see positive protein balance in all of the following conditions except * Starvation
16 )
Maggie has anorexia nervosa and regularly starves herself. She is likely to be in a state of * Negative protein balance
17 )
The process that plants use to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of the sun & heat and light is called
* Photosyntesis
18 )
Which of the...
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