Nutrition and Infancy

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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Nutrition is extremely important in the development of a child and their well being. This is the time when a child is learning and moving more than he or she ever will. Nutrition that is healthy and full of vitamins and minerals, helps these children to flourish and grown into a healthy, happy person. When starting out as a little new born baby, we need to make sure that these babies received the best possible nutrition that we can give them. The best possible nourishment for a baby would be that of the mother’s breast milk. While the mother is pregnant with the baby, the baby is nourished perfectly by its mother’s body and it have been protected by her immune system. Once the baby is born, that is no longer possible of happening. Therefore, once the baby is born, it is recommended that the infant have the mother’s breast milk so that it can maintain the maternal-fetal immunological link after being born. There are many sources of artificial milk available today and most of these say that they are as good as the mother’s milk. Before modern technology came about the highest cause of infant mortality was due to dehydration due to diarrhea. Most of the infants that died due to dehydration and diarrhea were not breast fed but instead they were the ones that were fed the imitations of breast milk. Pediatrics recommends that parents do not take breast milk from infants until at least 12 months of age. At the age of 12 months is when cow’s milk is usually introduced into the baby’s diet. Early introduction to cow’s milk can make a child suffer from iron deficiency. (Papalia, 2006) Hunger and malnutrition are two things that are very different but usually go together. A large percentage of people experience hunger and malnutrition in small doses. We all feel hungry from time to time and it is quite possible that we have been malnourished at some points and times in our lives. There are mild and severe conditions when it comes to malnutrition and hungry....
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