Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Food Pages: 5 (1790 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Prevention and a Healthy Lifestyle
Achieving a health lifestyle has become an important goal for many people leading them to change their dietary constitution and encouraging people to seek natural methods of preventing disease. In a bid to ensure a healthier lifestyle, people are now incorporating both dietary and nutritional consideration into their food intake, as well as pursuing herbal remedies and prevention towards diseases such as heart diseases and cholesterol related disease, instigated or aggravated by poor nutrition. Herbs and nutrition are becoming an important part of people’s life, helping them to prevent health complications instigated or aggravated by poor nutrition, as well facilitating the way towards a healthy lifestyle. Prevention denotes measures of risk management and mitigation taken to avoid diseases rather than to cure it when it occurs (Labarthe, 1998, p.4). In prevention, people take substantial measures in their way of life such as eating healthy, using clean water, staying in a clean environment, or taking nutritional supplements all towards avoiding diseases, or forestalling the progression of diseases. Herbs and nutrition prevent diseases through providing nutrients that are essential for living healthy (Saltzman, 2002). The use of herbs and nutrition as prevention measures are gaining in importance because of their natural content, and their ability to increase value in life with minimal adverse effects. Nutrition can be an important prevention tool for many unhealthy consequences of poor food consumption, which is useful when a person knows the right nutritional components to seek in their food at various intervals. Throughout a person’s lifespan, nutritional needs are important for development and should constitute a significant part of a person’s dietary decisions (Abbott, 2007; Keegan, 2002, p.117). For example, growing children need large quantities of proteins in their food to facilitate body tissue growth; furthermore, they need large amounts of nourishing foods to provide them with important growth nutrients. Remarkably, nutritional values provided by various foods are not only important for growing children and adolescents, but for even adults and the elderly to provide them with necessary nutrients to fight infections that would otherwise be lacking under consumption of food with poor nutritional values. When considering the role of nutrition in prevention, one should recognize that nutrition refers to the relationship between food and health of the human body that contributes towards normal organ development and functioning, normal reproduction, growth, and maintenance, optimum activity level, resistance to disease and infection, and ability to repair damage (Kirschmann, 2006, p.3). Proper nutrition denotes that a person is able to incorporate all necessary or essential nutrients into their diet including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Notably, proper or adequate nutrition incorporates not only under-nutrition but also over-nutrition, meaning that proper nutrition stipulates having a moderate intake of variety and balanced food that can prevent health risks (Insel et al, 2004, p.32). Therefore, over indulgence in presumably nutritious foods does not necessarily mean a person is taking care of their nutrition; taking care of ones nutrition towards ensuring health risks prevention requires one to take in moderate foods that are sustainable and helpful for the body. Another part of nutrition and prevention is use of herbs, which provide people with a nutritional value as well as a natural and effective prevention and remedy for common health imbalances (Wolfe, 2000, p.65; Dawson, 2000, p.5). Herbs are useful in nourishing the human system and keeping it clean thus helping a person avoid future health trouble, and recover from health problems, although it is better to take herbs for prevention instead of waiting...
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