Nutrition and Health in Third World Countries

Topics: Developed country, Developing country, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Nutrition and Health:
Underdeveloped and Developed Nations
Na’Tasha Slade
Strayer University

Nutrition and Health:
Underdeveloped and Developed Nations
Despite the vast research on nutrition and health, malnutrition is still a major fatality in this present day. Policymakers, social scientist and medical experts have expressed alarm about the growing problem. While most agree that the issue deserves attention, consensus dissolves around how to respond and resolve the problem. Malnourishment continues to be a primary health liability in developing nations such as Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. It is globally the most significant risk factor for illness and death, predominantly with hundreds of millions of pregnant women and young children being affected. In these underdeveloped nations, a high prevalence of poor diet and infectious disease continues to cycle within the communities. Within these communities, poverty is the underlying cause of nutrition and health concerns. The degree of malnourishment is influenced by the political and economic issues, season and climate conditions, poor water sanitation, and lack of education when women are with child or breast feeding. While malnutrition is more common in underdeveloped and developing countries, it is also exist in developed countries such as the United States and India. In more affluent nations it is more likely to be caused by unhealthy diets with glut energy, fats, and refined carbohydrates. An increasing movement of obesity is now a major community health concern in these socioeconomic nations. Poverty

Malnutrition has long been recognized as a result of poverty. It is widely acknowledged that higher rates of malnutrition will be found in areas with chronic widespread poverty. In some developing countries, malnutrition represents a significant problem that hinders economic development. It accounts for more than half of child deaths in some regions, reducing the number of...
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