Nutrition and Health

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Unit three: Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet Assessment

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1a) What is meant by the term ‘food additives’?

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavour or enhance its taste and appearance. There are a few different types which are natural, artifical or nature identical. Natural are from natural substance, they are often extracted from one food and then used in another. Artifial these are not made from a nautral substance. Nature identical are man made copies of something that happens in a natural way they are often cheap and available in larger masses.

1b) Complete the table below by identifying five examples of additives and describing what they do (what are their functions?).

|Additives |What they do | |1. |They help prolong shelf life, they are added to things such as | |Antioxidants |bakery products, meat pies and soups. They stop the food mixing with| | |oxygen and turning bad. | |2. |They make it more visually attractive and appealing to potential | |Colours |customers. | | |colouring may be used to return peas to their usual green colour or | | |to enhance them to make it brighter. | |3. |They help ingredients mix together, for example oil and water to | |Emulsifiers |mix, Stabilisers stop foods separating after they’ve mixed. | |4. |These are added to food to bring out the flavour. One of the most | |Flavour enhancers |commonly used flavour enhancers is monosodium glutamate. | | |They are added to make foods sweeter and to make foods taste better.| |Sweeteners | |

1c) Explain the benefits of food additives.

Food additives are good because they keep food fresh and reduce risk of poisoning. They help improve the nutritional value of foods and make food last longer. They also improve the colour, taste and flavour of foods. The advantages of food colourings are may to both supermarkets because they make the food look much more attractive so customers are more likely to buy them if they are standing out at the customer. Also for parents with children who don’t really want to eat food, if the food looks better then this can help them want to eat it. There are also many different types and it is clear there are many benefits to them.

1d) give a short explanation of the legislation relating to the use...
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