Nutrition and Fitness Paper

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Hypertension Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: August 22, 2010

Nutrition and Fitness Paper
Start Date: July 27, 2010
Instructor: Dr. Kathy Ebener
By: Brooklyn Hernandez

My current fitness is what I would consider to be average. I work a forty hour work week like most average Americans. My job keeps me moving a lot, and home life keeps me on my toes even more. I have two toddlers that I have to run behind on a daily basis. Nutritious habits, isn’t my area of expertise. I love food, and even joke that I have a fat kid that lives inside of me. I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it. I hardly ever eat breakfast. I usually only eat two meals a day, and some snacks too. I try to eat a well-balanced dinner with all the food groups, meats, veggies, grains, and sometimes even fruit. This doesn’t mean that what I cook is completely healthy though. Change is never easy, something as simple as switching white bread to wheat bread is very difficult for me. There are many health risk associated with obesity, a few are: High Blood Pressure; High Cholesterol; Diabetes, this risk are all life threatening to one’s health and life. Three type of fitness that I can incorporate in my life style are. Walking with my kids around the neighbor in the evenings after work. Park my car far from the entry of any buildings. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking around the neighborhood will not only help me in my cardio, but it will also help my kids with getting them doing something active instead of playing video games. Plus this will also help us to get to know our neighbors and the area a little better too. Parking the car farthest from the door, will help me with more walking in my daily routine, and give me an overall physical fitness. Three new nutritional habits I could incorporate are healthy snacks, smaller food portions, and cutout soft drinks. Seeing as I usually don’t eat a well-balanced breakfast, I could eat some fruits and yogurt and a granola bar in place of that meal. Something...
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