Nutrition and Fitness Habits

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  • Published : October 12, 2008
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Nutrition and Fitness Paper
University of Phoenix

Nutrition and Fitness play different roles in American’s lives. According to Healthy People 2010 54% of Americans are not regularly active, 15% are not active at all. Americans consume too many calories, often in the form of added sugars and fats, but too few vitamins and minerals, in part because the intake of fruits, vegetables, and milk products is relatively low. (Insel & Roth. 2008 p.367) There are many ways that American’s can incorporate fitness and nutrition in their daily lives. This paper will discuss fitness and nutrition habits, and suggest new habits that will benefit your health and promote healthy weight. a) Explain your current fitness and nutritional habits. I have had a membership to 24 hour fitness for over 5 years and I can count the times I’ve worked out at the facility on one hand. I currently do not have a fitness habit in place. After I had my daughter 19 months ago, it was hard to get back into a fitness routine. Twice a year the Marine Corps holds a mandatory physical fitness test consisting of a 3 mile run, sit-ups and a flex am hang. Surprisingly, I pass the test without regularly exercising. My nutritional habits have improved in the past month. I make it a point to eat breakfast, and a lunch when I am at work. Before I would work throughout lunch time and clear into the evening without eating. Now I make it a point to take a break and eat lunch. I don’t eat fast food, drink soda or snack on junk food at my desk. I bring lots of fruit and water to work so it’s readily available when I want to eat or drink at my desk. b) Briefly explain some of the health risks associated with obesity. Obesity is not only a cosmetic problem but a health hazard. According to Web MD someone who is 40% overweight is twice as likely to die prematurely as is an average weight person. Obesity has been linked to the following serious medical conditions; Heart...
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