Nutrition and Consumers

Topics: Nutrition, Yakult, Blood sugar Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: March 11, 2011
YAKULT targets everybody as it is suitable for all ages. Even pregnant women can consume YAKULT as part of normal balanced diet as pregnant women often suffers constipation and YAKULT is able to prevent that from happening. With 75 years of research, YAKULT can also be consumed by babies older than 1 year. YAKULT primarily targeted the major household grocery buyer. This is because whenever a grocery shopper browses through the drinks section at any supermarket, they will notice the YAKULT as it is a much healthy cultured drink compared to its competitors. Initially when YAKULT was first introduced in Malaysia, people thought it was just another drink that is used to quench one’s thirst but after numerous articles and advertisement as well as television commercial, consumer had a different perception towards YAKULT. The main purpose of all of those advertising strategy is to educate the public about what is YAKULT, what is the content of YAKULT and how YAKULT is able to help in one’s health. The advertising strategy proven to be a great help to YAKULT because the members of the public will have a different point of view towards the term ‘bacteria’. Consumers who understand the content of YAKULT will have no worries in consuming bacteria in it as it is good for one’s health. Nowadays, more and more consumers are getting health conscious. Thus, YAKULT has its advantage because it’s already well known for benefitting one’s health. YAKULT does not contain any preservatives, colourings, stabilizers, or conditioners. Which is a good news to consumers who seek healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy drinks and food. The colour of YAKULT is naturally developed by the result of heating of milk and sugar. YAKULT is fat free and contains 0% cholesterol and has a low Glycemic Index which means that the sugar in a YAKULT drink enters the blood stream gradually and does not increase blood glucose levels rapidly. This means that people can consume it with no worries of getting...
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