Nutrition and Academic Performance

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 11, 2013
I have chosen to develop an essay on the importance and effectiveness of proper nutrition and its relation to academic performance. After reading You are What You Eat, I could only think about myself as a student and the vast differences in my life when I follow good nutrition routines on a regular basis compared to unhealthy nutritional patterns. My passion in writing this essay comes from my own experiences although I am certain I may highlight many others’ experiences as well. The stories in the chapter one cluster have also inspired me to explore this topic and perhaps get people to really think about what we are doing to our bodies as we engulf foods of nutritional value and the differ. These nutritional patterns affect our daily performances in many ways. The unhealthy and harmful practices become inheritances within families when they are not turned into nutritional makeovers. The purpose of this essay is to inform parents and students of the importance of proper nutrition and how it relates to academic performance, and healthy lifestyles. I intend to share a wealth of knowledge in this essay that may hopefully inspire many people to evaluate why we eat, what we eat, and hopefully to encourage others into taking a closer look in developing healthier lifestyles.

Imagine you just received a new state of the art computer. This computer has all the new updates yet the software you are running on is slow and buggy. There is plainly no way this computer can perform to its ability. This computer will be slow-moving, and probably run into system crashes or fail. Our bodies are much like computers that have great capabilities. The software our bodies run on corresponds to the food we eat. If our diets are unbalanced, we will more than likely experience sudden crashes in periods of related illnesses, lack of energy, and unsatisfactory academic performance.
Eating, and physical activity patterns that are focused on consuming...
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