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Week 7
There is a lot of debate over whether or not vitamin and mineral supplements are necessary. Based on what you have learned when is it necessary to take a supplement? Be specific and back up your answers.

There are many reasons why person takes supplements but in some cases is not necessary and that con drive them to have a serious problem. In my personal opinion the reason why a person need to consume supplements is because they don’t have time to eat healthy or because they are starting a new diet so they cannot eat certain kind of food and those supplements can provide what they need for their life.

Week 8
Childhood overweight and obesity in America. Overweight and obese children generally become overweight or obese adults with many health complications. Name 2 ways that could help decrease childhood obesity in America and 2 reasons why you think childhood obesity is on the rise. Explain your answer.

The first thing that I would do to help to decrease the obesity in the United States is to provide to the children a better education about eating healthier. My second suggestion is to improve the food of the cafeterias in all the schools in the US or at least improve the quality and quantity of healthy products on them. In my personal point of view I can see that one of the most important reasons that children are getting obese is because they spend plenty of their time in front of the T.V, computer or video games. Moreover, other important reason why children are getting obese is because of the excess consumption of fats.

Week 9
Vegetarianism during pregnancy. There are many women who follow a vegetarian diet during pregnancy. How can a woman meet her increased nutrient needs during pregnancy? Support your answer with references.

Those diets can restrict the consumption of some vitamins or minerals that can be indispensable for the baby. Therefore, the women need to be aware of the dangers that the diets present. In that case I would recommend consuming some kind of supplements (specially natural supplements) so they can provide all the nutrients that the baby needs during the pregnancy

Week 10
Supplements and the elderly. The elderly are at higher risk than any other age group for being coaxed into purchasing supplements that they do not need. I want you to locate a website that is trying to sell something unnecessary to the elderly and tell me why it is bogus. Support your answer with references.

According with the research about the needs of elder people I found this website that provides tons of supplements for everything and in my personal opinion I’m sure that all of them are not even close to the real necessities that those people needs. For example, pills for blood pressure, longevity, and bones health.

Diet Analysis Paper 
My diet consists of a high caloric intake. I exercise when I have time, but I noticed that most of my calories come from carbohydrates. I want to lose weight, and I know I can’t lose weight unless I cut back on my carbohydrates. I need to pay attention on my portion sizes. I never realized how many carbohydrates I was consuming. Also, this was the week where I fast foods a couple of times. This week was really busy week doing homework, and getting back to normal so I just went for fast food without thinking about my diet.  Last week I did a little research about my eating habits.  In the last 3 days my DRI average was 3,494; 139.67 g of protein; 125.34g of fat; 47.34gm of monounsaturated fat; 37.77gm of saturated fat; 27.34gm polyunsaturated fat; 23.9gm of linolenic (omega 6); 2.77gm of alpha linoleic (omega 3); 458.34g of carbohydrates; 20g of fiber and 5451.67g of sodium; 573.34mg of cholesterol. For vitamins and minerals I took in 312mg of vitamin A; 161.43mg of vitamin C; 7.5mg of vitamin E; 2.57mg vitamin B6; 8.27mg vitamin B12; Thiamin...
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