Nutrient-poor Water Increases

Topics: Water, Ocean, Sea level Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Part 1:

A. Greenland is the location in the world that is threatened by rise in sea level. _____ B. The ecosystem that is being studied is ice sheets. ______ C. Some of the species involved are humans, algae, and plankton. ______ • As oceans warm so the area covered by nutrient-poor water increases, making the oceans less friendly for algae or plankton. This reduces the amount of carbon the seas can absorb. The threshold for the almost complete failure of algae is about 500 ppm of carbon. At our present rate of growth we will reach this level in about 40 years. • If the seas rise a modest 400mm, 22% of coastal wetlands will be lost, and more when we include the likely human reaction to that change. A one meter sea-level rise would affect 6 million people in Egypt, with some 15% of agricultural land lost, 13 million in Bangladesh with 16% of the national rice production lost, and 72 million in China with tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land. D. One non-living thing in an ice sheet is water. _____

E. This situation has existed for over 30 years.
F. One thing that has changed to the Greenland ice sheet is the mass. It is decreasing because of Global Warming. Another thing that has happened to the Greenland ice sheet is a massive ice island breaking off from it. • What could possibly happen is: The Ocean’s salinity can reduce due to the melting of the ice. Tons of freshwater are added to the ocean every day by melting ice sheets. Large additions of freshwater change the ocean ecosystems. Organisms, such as many types of corals, depend on saltwater for survival. Some corals may not be able to adjust to a more freshwater habitat. Therefore, the coral will loose its home.
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