Nutriasia Case Study

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NutriAsia Inc. Group, which was founded in 1996 and is based in Manila, is the Philippine’s foremost producer, marketer and distributor of the quality sauce and condiments used by Filipinos. The company is behind the most popular and the leading brands UFC, Papa, Jufran, Golden Fiesta, Hapi Fiesta and Datu Puti. As the leading supplier of sauces and condiments in local markets, the company are known for producing an iconic Filipino brands that continue to be part of every Filipino home.

Nutriasia is a steadily growing company that values excellence. NutriAsia is rooted into the entrepreneurial spirit which builds on everyone’s creativity and talent. Exposure to other teams and departments all over the country is being conducted in order to have a chance to demonstrate and develop the skills that the employees need in order to properly perform tasks in the company.

For nearly forty years, the company evolved through a series of brand acquisitions. The acquired brands were nurtured with innovation and brand building investment. The company continues to produce products that are widely used inside Filipino kitchens.

In the year 2008, NutriAsia’s capital stocks has been reduced by 90% to P100 million in order to pay off an accumulated deficit worth more than P473 million. According to Mariano L. Celis II, NutriAsia’s Corporate Secretary, he mentioned that the firm has other restructuring plans which may involve the merger of the firm’s units. He also said that the firm had accumulated deficit since its units had failed to pay shareholders their share of company earnings, which the units had used to expand. (NutriAsia, Inc. lowers capiral stock. October 13, 2008.

For a year of hard work and dedication, the company’s mission to enable great meals to make people happy, NutriAsia expands CSR efforts by focusing on undernourished children. NutriAsia initiated “The Gabay Kalusugan Program,” which was launched last October...
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