Nutrasweet Entering China

Topics: Marketing, Sugar, Nutrition Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: October 23, 2010
NutraSweet: How to Enter the Chinese Market

Cities to target in China:
* Shanghai
* Guangzhou
Market research from these two cities is positive and the consumer understanding toward product is relatively high (more than 90% of consumers in Guangzhou and Shanghai expressed no dislikes of the product). The southern and coastal area of China has been the wealthiest regions and their awareness toward foreign goods and healthy lifestyle is higher than any other parts of China. There is a rapid growing of middle class consumers, representing consumers with higher purchasing power in these cities, and may be more interested in buying foreign products. It will be easier to enter other coastal cities after implementation in Shanghai and Guangzhou as these two cities have a great affect on market trend.

It would be better to not enter the Beijing market yet because 1/3 of the customers were skeptical and confused about the product.

NutraSweet could also enter the Taiwan and Hong Kong market because consumers in these two regions have a significantly higher standard of living, and consumers are generally more educated and health conscious. Similar products already exist in the Hong Kong market, so NutraSweet would have to position itself better against competitors in order to gain market share.

Positioning Statement: To middle-high level income families who seek a healthy lifestyle, NutraSweet offers a better tasting alternative to regular, low quality sugar.

Entry Strategy to China – 4 P’s:
1. Product
* NutraSweet
* Daily use
* High quality sugar substitute
* Healthy and tasteful
* Suggests healthier food consuming patterns
* Packaging
* English labeling with Chinese subtitles to highlight foreignness * Packaging promoting healthy lifestyle e.g. picture of mother enjoying cooking with this product for her kids, a family smiling with cup of coffee etc. * Highlights the advantages of...
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