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Branding : Nutella
1.Brand associations

2. Brand category
Nutella brand belongs to the category of food, namely is the spread. There is a lot of different spread categories, but our belong to the chocolate one. The brand`s depth for Nutella is a high, top in mind to the customers. Everyone knows this brand because it`s the leader on the spread market and it`s an international brand. We can recognize the product thanks to its packaging, really different from the others because of its colors (black, red and its white cover), shape, the picture that the customers can see on the label and also on the advertising, the logo (font and colors) is the brand image of Nutella. The brand`s breadth for Nutella :

* When customers want to buy something tasty for him\her or the entire family for the breakfast or a break in the day. * When customers want to cooking a dessert (cake, crepes, pancakes, ...) with special taste of Nutella. * When customers walk through the shelves and buy the Nutella and make impulsive buy because you want to try or feel again the taste. * When the customers want to raise his or her mood.

* Customers buy Nutella because it`s his or her personal habit to choose Nutella like a kind of sweet.

3. Competitors
| Nutella| Cadbury| Philadelphia Milka| Speculoos|
Product| | | | |
Since| 1946| 1824| 2012| 1932|
Where | Italia| England| Switzerland - America| Belgium| Competitive advantage| Market leader| Products quality| Healthy spread| OriginalIty of the taste| Market share| 80%| NC| NC| NC|

4. Mapping

5. Nutella’s target
The Nutella`s target markets are:
* Mostly parents because the direct target are children but they can`t buy anything by themselves, so the indirect target are the parents. * Teenagers because they like unhealthy foods and Nutella is a famous brand recognize for its taste.

6. Parity / difference
Points of parity:
* Tasty product
* Spread
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