Nut and Bols of English Writting

Topics: Student, University, Writing process Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Dissection of “The nut and bolts of college writing”
Submitted by Sudhir Pathak
Student ID No- 1153630
Instructor – Brenda McDermott
Date- 2012-09-07

At the request of the association of writing instructors, to write a book review on “The nuts and bolts of college writing”, this review will be published in the association’s Annual student edition of the journal of writing instruction. The aim of the book review is to evaluate its relevance to contemporary university students. It is important that instructor seeks students’ opinion on the book because student use the textbooks recommended by instructors. The author Michael Harvey is an Associated professor of Business Management at Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland.This book review of “The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing” will highlight some of the main themes that are discussed in the book. The book was specifically written to highlight, inform and persuade college students about the fundamentals of English writing. In order to achieve that goal Michael Harvey divided his instructions into eight easy to read chapters. My review will focus on how well he used his writing skills and power of persuasion to instruct his readers on how to improve their writing.The introduction of the book clearly states Harvey`s purpose, “This book can help you write better college essays”(Harvey, 2003).The first sentence orients the reader to what the whole book is going to discus, in this case, improving ones writing skills. From then on the book goes into detail on how easy it is for college students to make wrong assumptions on what good writing is all about. Harvey’s efforts has made it possible for a clever and calculated decision by first highlighting the misconceptions or mistakes that college students make when writing; he does not appear too critical but rather informative. This makes his audience more receptive to his suggestions and instructions when he suggests that college writing...
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