Nurture vs Nature

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Nurture strongly influences early human development
Both nurture and nature can influence early human development. The innate factor depends on the nature while the acquired factor's development mostly depends on the nurture. The innate factor might has been determined when a child is still been a fetus, the heredity plays an important part in that. Such as human race, color of skin and hair, may be your color of eyes. Parents give their baby their own gene; it is the reason why the baby looks like their parents. The nature influences are just like the gifts from parents.The newborn have the more sensitive senses, For example, the newborn's hearing, taste and smell sometimes may be better than the adult. The nurture also has a strongly influences on early human development. The nurture influence includes many parts, such as education, the culture and traditions, sometime maybe the diet. All knowledge comes to us through our senses such as watching and hearing. Human have a very powerful learning ability and human can learn from many things, and according to many different ways, the society can strongly influence early human development, especially during the childhood. It is widely believed that intelligence quotient depends on the innate factor, but in fact, it can improve by means of acquire. For example, many people think math success depends largely on natural talent or ability, but the experts say it also depends on the student's effort. Learning ability is the same as studying math. Accordingly, human must try hard to acquire as much knowledge as they can to make them better, and know more things. There is an old story in China. A boy had an excellent talent for literature, and it appeared when the boy was just five years old. However the boy's was not allowed to go to school and his father let the boy write poems or articles for money. Finally, the boy's excellent talent has been gone, and the boy becomes a mediocrity. In conclusion, there is no doubt...
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