Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development

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  • Published : December 16, 2008
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Roshan Akthar Jahir Hussain 200821027

Nurture strongly influences early human development


While nature produces healthy, well-formed infants, nurture helps in developing them in the early stages of their lives through practice and experience. It means that the early development of a human is effective and faster by nurture than what comes out of nature. All children go through the same sequences of growth and development in the same order right from their mother’s womb, be it the development of parts of the body and the development of organs, motor development after birth, development of speech, etc.. Nature leads to ordinary development of a fetus into a human but it cannot develop an infant into a healthy-minded or a sportive adult, which an infant can gain only through his/her experience. The following considers on how nurture strongly influences early human development.

Genetic and environmental influence on a fetus before birth

Genes program our growing cells so that we develop into a normal person. They decide our sex, the color of skin, eyes and hair and general body size and helps in developing a fetus into a normal adult with his/her own distinguishing characteristics whether it is inborn or inherited. It should be noted that genes can only help in the development of a fetus into a well-formed adult despite his/her special features or distinguishing characteristics coded by genes in the infant’s body. Sometimes, these special or inherited features of an infant may help him/her to excel in some specific subject or sport. In the same way, sometimes genes coding for some negative characteristics of a child may lead the child to be weak in some specific subject or sport. The fact is that whatever the genes code for the physical development of a child is fixed. But, the genetic and acquired characters can be utilized and improved by quality nurturing.

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