Nurture or Nature Strongly Influences Early Human Development. Discribe

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Topic: Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development. Many scientists believe that nature and nurture not only have the same influence on childhood development, but also they have interaction between each other. Nature is the one’s heredity and characteristic and nurture is the upbringing, education and environment. This essay will develop to answer this question that how much nurture can affect the one’s social and biological development the writer believe that nurture has a vital role in early human development. Nature has some influences on building one’s social and behavioral characteristics. A development of maturation process is genetically programmed. Our genes decide our sex, our color of skins and hair, general body size and characteristics. This is also evident when considering the fact that virtually all children go through the same stages of motor behaviors. Infants learn to lift their heads, to turn over on their back, to direct hand movement, to sit, to crawl, to stand and finally to walk, generally in this order. Moreover, a newborn infant can distinguish sounds of human voice from other voices and also can discriminate differences in taste shortly after birth. All these are nature and sum up to show that the development process is genetically programmed. However, nurture is stronger than nature in early human development. The mind of a newborn baby is a “blank state” (Lock, 17th century). This state will be filled up by infant experience- what it sees, hear tastes, etc. In comparison with nature in childhood development, environmental factors have the stronger influence on the maturity process. For example, the condition of the womb can influence the growth of a fetus. Poor maternal health, malnutrition, smoking and consumption of alcohol disturb the normal

maturational process of the fetus. In addition, recent research proves that practice of extra simulation can accelerate appearance of motor behavior. For instance, although, newborn...
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