Nurture Influence on Early Human Development

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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For Centuries people have wondered what role does ' Nature ' or in other words one's inherent traits from birth ,and 'nurture' or the role of one's environment (physical ,cultural social and familial ) play in the development of ones social and psychological Identity. Parents endeavor to raise the perfect child , the one that mirrors their values and goals .But many times they are startled to discover a stranger in their nest, when the child they raised is nowhere close to what they want him to be. Recent researches show that nature plays a major role in the shaping of an individual rather than nurture. This essay will reveal how nurture has only a limited impact on early phases of human development as compared to nature. Cases where an individual turns out to be a good person in spite of tremendous environmental conditions clearly makes the case for parents and other environmental factors to have relatively lesser influence on a child's growth .The life story of the scientist George Washington Carver would be a very good example . He emerged from slavery to become one of the worlds most respected and honored men .Here one asks the question of where did all the courage and strength come from to deal with such hard and terrible conditions, when there was no obvious environmental cause. The very believable answer to this question would be that these individuals were born with it , it was in their genes . If outstanding individuals can raise poor offspring and poor parents can produce excellent offspring , differences in parenting within the normal range are unlikely to have major effect on a child's character and personality. Another question that surely amazes scientist is the similarity seen when identical twins who possess a very similar genetic make up are raised far apart in completely different environments .Five such studies conducted recently in three different countries show an average correlation of 0.75 in such twins .This clearly is a very powerful...
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