Nursing Website Critique

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The website I chose to review was I chose this website because I am interested in perioperative nursing as a future career choice. is an informational website that is all about how to become a first assistant in surgery. An RNFA is an advanced practice perioperative nurse who is also an experienced professional in the operating room setting.

This website is geared towards the educational process behind becoming an RNFA. specifically uses NIFA-National Institute of First Assisting, as the educational program they recommend. The RNFA certification program that NIFA offers is available for review on this website. There are many reviews of the program along with pictures of the “SutureStar Summit” an RNFA student will attend. They also offer a newsletter you can read while on the website. This site is very well put together, and I didn’t have much trouble finding anything I was looking for.

I feel this website is very accurate, as it is a website offered by a national institution dedicated to first assisting in nursing. The website is updated daily with news and current events in the perioperative nursing world. I would recommend this website to anyone who is interested in becoming an RNFA, as it has been very helpful to me. I know when I am ready to expand my learning and further my career, I will be turning to for assistance.

National Institute of First Assisting. Retrieved March 3, 2011,
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